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Kristy Johnson as Amy Lee forEver The Essence - The Evanescence Experience

comments FROM FANS:

May I just say one thing:  Last night was FIERCE!!!  My friend, who accompanied me, said.... "Watch! These guys are about to take off!"  We can already foresee the incredibly successful collaboration here & that there is simply limitless possibilities awaiting you all. #WellDone

~ Jennifer Ryans Rector

The band debuted their Evanescence tribute "Ever The Essence" tonight.. and this was the hottest ticket in town!! GMBG was jumping.. the anticipation for this debut was palpable.. I was blown away by the sonic footprint of the Kristy's voice.. everyone knows that she is a great singer.. but the timbre of her voice is ideal for Amy Lee.. I can not wait for their next show!

~ David H. Houston

A truly amazing performance last night by Kristy Johnson, who transformed herself into Amy Lee hitting all the notes and showcasing her dynamic vocal prowess. Ever The Essence - The Evanescence Experience band was heavy & tight with searing guitar riffs that complimented Kristy’s vocals. A fantastic show!

~ Roman Kikta

Saturday night I had one of the best nights I've had in a very very long time. I haven't been out in over a year because of covid and on Saturday night I got to go out with my mom, dad, my husband and some amazing friend to see an amazing Evanescence cover band.

Kristy Johnson and Ever the Essence. They were absolutely amazing and can't wait to see them again.

~ Jaqueline Rawlings

This band is a WALL of sound!  I've been waiting for something like this and it's finally here.  The music is tight and accurate, and Kristy Johnson's vocal range is insane.  The band meshes well together on stage and it's clear that they're having fun.  I love this music and it's awesome to see the music of Evanescence recreated through this group of people.  This show is bad ass!  

~ Arielle Dyer

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